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Back pain after a car accident is quite common. We see it on a regular basis here at Richard Kim Medicine where we utilize regenerative medicine to solve back pain. But exactly how common is back pain after a motor vehicle accident? Let’s take a look.

A 2019/2020 analysis examined the association between exposure to a motor vehicle collision (MVC) and future low back pain (LBP). Here is what they found:

“We examined the evidence from three studies on the association between exposure to a MVC and future LBP. The three critically appraised studies support the conclusion that there is an increased risk of future LBP in individuals who have been exposed to a prior injury in a MVC compared to individuals without a history of injury in a MVC. The pooled estimate from the studies in the meta-analysis was RR = 2.7 (95 % CI 1.9, 3.8). The estimate of AR from the pooled analysis suggests that for an individual presenting with chronic LBP that has had a past history of an acute MVC-related back injury with no intervening injury, 63 % of the LBP is attributable to the index crash.”

To view the full analysis, visit,injury%20in%20a%20car%20crash.&text=63%20%25%20of%20ongoing%20low%20back,injury%20in%20a%20car%20crash.&text=Rear%2Dend%20crashes%20without%20injury,of%20future%20low%20back%20pain.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and are experiencing back pain, we are here to help. Our in-office MRI is an excellent place to start to assess your condition and develop a treatment plan.

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