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Stem Cells for Injury Rehabilitation

Helping Your Body Heal Itself from Injuries

Whether you’ve been banged up in a car accident or fall, or you’re facing an overuse injury, your body can benefit from an assist in healing. By combining thorough diagnosis and traditional noninvasive techniques with complementary therapies such as massage, physical therapy and nutrition, Dr. Kim can help you overcome routine injuries.

To help you overcome more advanced injuries, especially those that have the potential to limit your mobility for the long-term, Dr. Kim will call upon more advanced medicine, including injections of your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or your own stem cells.

What Kinds of Injuries Do We Treat?

“I hit my knee on the mat and thought I had a bone bruise. I saw a different doctor who diagnosed a tear in the cartilage and recommended surgery—but I have a blood clotting condition that makes me worry about surgery. Then I heard a podcast about stem cell therapy and found Dr. Kim. He’s the only person who gave me the solution I needed.”

Nels, Brazilian jiu jitsu competitor and gym owner

“I knew my knee had a bad issue. I was in wicked pain—bent right over—and worried that I had a meniscus tear. Dr. Kim checked the knee, my ability to move, put some pressure on tender areas and agreed with my concerns—then sent me for an X-ray and MRI that confirmed it. I had a PRP injection and then a stem cell injection a couple months later. I was back at 80 percent of normal two days after the procedure and instructing my normal classes within three weeks!”

Jeff, spinning instructor and car salesman

“Dr. Kim’s bedside manner is impeccable. He listened to me and was 100% focused on my health and well-being. That’s just not seen any more in modern medicine. He’s a godsend. I lift weights and push my knees well beyond what most people would do. He was able to change his focus to handle my need for fluid treatment, not a static approach.”

Joe, weightlifter and professional delivery driver