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Stem Cells for Arthritis

Helping Your Body Regenerate Critical Tissues

As you age, it’s common to feel the aches and pains of arthritis and related conditions in your joints. Until recently, joint replacement surgery was frequently the only option offered to regain mobility in knees and hips. Arthritis in other joints often elicited no treatment options at all. However, as science and medicine have advanced, it’s become apparent that your body retains the key to healing itself in the form of your own blood and stem cells. By extracting these substances, combining them in a concentrated form and injecting them into the area where your cartilage has degenerated, Dr. Kim can often help you avoid surgery and return to pain-free, active living.

What Kinds of Degenerative Conditions Do We Treat?

“I have a high pain tolerance, but there was so much structural damage after my first knee replacement that I never wanted to go through that again. A friend in Albany referred me to Dr. Kim and after talking with him, I decided to have the stem cell therapy. The difference between the two procedures was night and day. I had one day of serious pain instead of 90 days after surgery—and I was pain free in two weeks, then back to playing golf, riding my bike, walking three miles. Dr. Kim is the only doctor I know who really walks the walk.”

Walt, retired Buffalo Bills player

“Dr. Kim is the only doctor I trust for my joint and spine issues. He’s thorough and thoughtful—and he explains things really well. I was in chronic pain for a few years. Other doctors had recommended neck surgery and I had been tested for autoimmune issues including Parkinson’s disease and lupus. When I met with Dr. Kim, he reviewed my entire medical history. We started with the two worst joints and moved on to several others. I am now able to play the sports that I enjoy.”

John C., retiree

“I had some arthritis in my left ankle. I was really looking for pain relief and a percentage increase in my activity ability for hobbies like skiing. Competency mattered to me most, but I also really appreciated the way Dr. Kim and his team made me feel. They’re just very easygoing and make the appointment enjoyable. The guy’s just the best.”

Phil, retiree