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Retirement is something we tend to look forward to with joy. Who really wants to go to work every day? Relaxing at the beach, going out to lunch, visiting with friends and family, going on road trips, getting involved in the community…there is so much to do when you have the time that retirement allows for. However, there are also important health considerations when it comes to retirement.

The first important fact to consider is you must put a focus on maintaining regular exercise. Of course you are aging (we all are), but you may also be spending more time sedentary and perhaps eating more. It is very important to be active every day, whether that means going for a walk or taking up an activity such as pickleball.

The second important fact to consider is you need to stay mentally active. Without the cognitive demands of working, your brain may not be getting a good workout. Try to avoid too much TV time. Instead, do crossword puzzles, join a book club, have phone calls with friends. Keep that mind sharp.

The third important fact to consider is your financial health may need some attention too. Of course, we are not financial professionals here but there are many qualified and experienced advisors available if you need help with budgeting, insurance, retirement planning, etc. Financial health can also impact physical health and mental health. It is important to have the financial resources to properly take care of your health needs.

Here’s to a healthy and fulfilling retirement!

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