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Stem Cell Seminar
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If you deal with back pain by:

Reaching for more medications
Scheduling injection after injection

Consider Stem Cell Therapy

Richard Kim Medicine is the region’s expert in Regenerative Medicine. Our non-surgical therapies solve the source of pain.

A Spine Regeneration Clinic – From MRI to Motion Pain-Free

Sciatica, Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis

RKM’s team of experts embraces the challenge of diagnosing and treating the most challenging cases of back and neck pain. Whether your pain is new or old – the Richard Kim Medicine method applies to a wide range of ages and activity levels.

Changing your quality of life starts with quality diagnosis. Included with each therapy, is an in-office MRI, ensuring the right diagnosis – every time. Plus 10 years of experience and thousands of procedures performed means knowledgeable and comprehensive treatment plans for even the toughest problems.

Need to learn more? Start with our online Webinar and see how others describe it:

“Very informative. Now I know I’m making the right decision”

“I am scared to have surgery and after the webinar I understand exactly why I have pain and how I can avoid it [surgery].”

During our Webinar we will go over:
-What is Regenerative Medicine?
-How does it work?
-How this will help you?

Dr. Richard Kim

Spine Regenerative Specialist

Dr. Kim is a spine regenerative focused physician. Clinical Assistant Professor at Albany Medical College and Team Physician to the United States Rugby Team, his focus is on cutting edge therapies to preserve the spine and restoring motion. A decade of experience and with international patients recognizing him as a leader in regenerative medicine.

“What’s best is not always popular and what’s popular is not always best.”

We set out to start an independent, regenerative practice with the goal of finding patient’s the right answer, even if other doctors have never heard of it. Regenerative medicine is now recognized as having incredible potential to end pain, restore mobility, and take surgery out of the discussion. Success means experience and that experience is key.

• Board Certified
• Regenerative Medicine Certified
• Clinical Assistant Professor at Albany Medical College
• Team Physician, United States Rugby Team
• Tournament Physician/ Immediate Care in Rugby Instructor, Dublin, Ireland
• Dual Residency, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Albany Medical College
• MD, Albany Medical College
• Bachelor of Science, University of Washington

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