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Hip Pain Treatment Without Surgery

Lily: A Challenging Diagnosis

About 18 months ago I was in a bad car accident that really messed me up. I couldn’t walk. I was taking tons of pain medication. I had major lower back pain, a separated pubic bone, a labral tear of the hip and nerves in my knees that were entrapped by scarring. Then I developed sciatica.

I saw nine orthopedists and neurologists who couldn’t figure out what I was dealing with. One of them called it “complex regional pain syndrome.”

I asked around trying to find someone who could help. One of my office colleagues recommended Dr. Kim.

When I sat down with him, he asked me to tell him my story. I told him it was a long one. That’s when he put down his pad and pen, leaned back in his chair, smiled and said, “Please tell me the whole thing.”

My goal was just to reduce the pain that I felt all over the place, so I could get back to walking my dog and playing with my kids. I wanted my life back. Dr. Kim understood that. He performed nerve hydro-dissection on my knee, a needle tenotomy of the upper hamstring, injected PRP and stem cells into my hip (allowing me to get hip pain treatment without surgery)—and so much more.

Through it all, he was super compassionate. He’s a miracle worker—he solves problems and never gives up. Dr. Kim is the only physician that was able to change my life.

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