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Back pain and hip pain are very common. Most people will experience some form of this at some point in their lives. However it can be difficult for a person to tell the difference between the two. The hip joint is very close to the spine, so it is not uncommon to confuse hip pain with back pain.

Back conditions often include symptoms in the back of the hip near the buttocks and pain may go down the back of the hamstring, past the knee and to the back of the calf. The pain may get worse with sitting or bending, and it may improve with standing or walking.

Hip conditions often include symptoms in the front of the hip and the groin area, and pain may occur to the front of the thigh. The pain is unlikely to go past the knee. The pain may get worse with standing or walking. Walking with a limp is often an indicator of hip pain.

Common causes of back pain and hip pain include normal wear and tear, lumbar sprains and strains, osteoarthritis, herniated discs, and degeneration.

If you experience persistent back pain or hip pain, or if the pain affects your quality of life, it is best to visit a medical professional to evaluate your condition, determine the cause, and develop an appropriate treatment plan. We are here to help you!

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