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Nonsurgical Orthopedics and Regenerative Medicine

Pain is…

A thief of time.



Your Solution

What is regenerative medicine?

Your body is degenerating. Age, disease, damage, or defects all play a role and accumulate. Regenerative medicine prompts a self-healing response to repair tissues, relieve pain, and restore function.

Without exposing your body to surgery or heavy pain medication, regenerative therapy uses your healing cells and delivers them to the areas that need them most. Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or lack of mobility due to a recent injury or the natural degeneration that comes with age, regenerative therapies can solve your pain.

The benefits

No surgery or hospitalization. Regenerative therapy means you avoid going under the knife. You’re able to walk in and walk out of your in-office procedure.

Less medication. Reduce or eliminate the need for heavy pain medication.

Restore function. You’re not simply putting a band-aid over your problem or kicking the can down the road with multiple surgeries that may not even solve the problem. Get back to moving in just weeks.

No hassle. We eliminate the red tape of working with insurance companies, meaning your experience is one of comfort, education, and efficiency.

Restore quality of life. Pick up your grandkids. Get back to your hobbies. Return to what you love.